Renowned worldwide for its wines and its vineyards , the Beaujolais region enjoys natural and remarkable assets too .

You will be impressed by the beauty of its landscapes.
It has numerous picturesque , medieval villages and no less than 150 castles. With its sloping hillsides and green valleys, Beaujolais looks like a French Tuscany.

The exceptional geology of the Beaujolais region , certified Géopark Mondial by Unesco, is very noticeable in the architecture of the villages , sometimes built in golden stones but often in red , blue , white , grey or black .

In driving or cycling on the Beaujolais winding roads , you ' ll soon be under its spell !

Come and discover the culture , the traditions and the conviviality which make the Beaujolais region so special !

« Discover Beaujolais UNESCO Global Geopark »

Activity on the winery

We are passionate about our job and our region and we look forward to share our passion with you .
We offer a discovery workshop : « From the vine to the wine , immersion in the heart of a wine estate» during which you 'll explore the property .

The tour will start with a visit to the vineyard on the slopes of Mont Brouilly, a must-see site of the Beaujolais Géopark Unesco.
You will then discover the wine store house where , after the harvest , the grape gives birth to the wine , then the vaulted cellars of the winery with their imposing wooden casks , les foudres , in which the wines are slowly matured during the long months .
You will learn from the winemaker the essential steps for the making of a wine , from cultivating the vine to the maturation of the wine itself . Then you will be introduced to wine tasting.

Walk - Discovery «From the vine to the wine , immersion in the heart of a wine estate » - 2h : 18 euros / pers
Workshop « Wine maturation, Improve Taste through wine aging - 1h : 12€ / pers
Wine tasting – 30mn – free